It is the obligation of all users of the services of the Company and the Property to familiarize themselves with the information contained in this Tariff. It contains terms and conditions which limit the liability of the Company. Use of services of the Company and the Property is deemed to be an acceptance by a Vessel, the Owners, and all others having a Property interest in Goods, of the terms and conditions contained in this Tariff in the absence of any written agreement with the Company providing alternative specific terms and conditions.

Every term, condition, exemption from liability and limitation and condition contained in the Terminal Services and Stevedoring Tariff for the benefit of the Company and every defence and immunity of whatsoever nature applicable to the Company or to which the Company is entitled under the Terminal Services and Stevedoring Tariff will also be available and will extend to protect Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, its directors, officers, employees and agents and, for the purpose of all such provisions and this paragraph, the Company is and will be deemed to be acting as agent and trustee on behalf of and for the benefit of Vancouver Fraser Port Authority and all such directors, officers, employees and agents.

DP World Fraser Surrey Terminal Services Tariff
DPW Logistics- Rail Services Tariff – December 2020
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