Loading agri-bulkAs of April 2011, Fraser Surrey Docks now has the capacity to provide efficient agri-bulk handling services. The construction of the agri-bulk handling facility at Fraser Surrey Docks was done to satisfy the growing demand for the transportation of agri-bulk commodities in the Vancouver Gateway.

An Essential Addition

Loading agri-bulkFraser Surrey Docks collaborated with Parrish & Heimbecker to construct a new state-of-the-art agri-bulk facility which completed construction in April 2011. The new facility has enabled Fraser Surrey Docks to meet the domestic and global needs of its customers as the facility is designed to handle a variety of agricultural products in bulk including Canola Meal, DDGs, Malt, Lentils, etc. The facility boasts a railcar belly dump system with conveyor belts and a weighing system to maximize efficiencies. The agricultural industry has shown a growing demand for additional loading terminals on the West Coast that are equipped to handle bulk agricultural products loading to deep-sea vessels. Fraser Surrey Docks’ strong intermodal rail solution and the seven deep-sea berths will provide congestion-free vessel loading/discharging both for ships carrying the bulk cargo and for container and break-bulk carriers.