Project Updates

Notice of Work to Port Authority Rail Yard

October 9, 2015

Fraser Surrey Docks LP (FSD) is undergoing construction on the Port Authority Rail Yard that runs between the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) and FSD. This work was approved under the original project permit issued by Port Metro Vancouver in August 2014. All work is expected to be performed from Monday to Friday and between the hours of 0800 to 1700. The duration of the work is scheduled to last three to four months depending on weather conditions/delays. The scope of works include rail, tie and ballast replacement along with some brushing and weeding adjacent to existing tracks and installation of additional tracks. Due to the nature of the work, FSD is not expecting any significant noise, light or dust impacts.

Round 2 Public Consultation, July 17 – August 21, 2015
Application to Amend Permit No. 2012 – 072 Direct Transfer Coal Facility

Fraser Surrey Docks LP (FSD) has applied to amend its existing permit from Port Metro Vancouver that gives it approval to build and operate a Direct Transfer Coal Facility within its existing lease area. FSD’s decision to proceed with the amendment application followed a public comment period (May 4 to 19, 2015) and a technical review of the results of updated studies. For more information please visit

Public Comment Period, May 4 – May 19, 2015 (Completed)
Consideration to amend Permit No. 2012 – 072 Direct Transfer Coal Facility

discussion guide and an online feedback form were made available for public comment from May 4 – 19,  2015. The public was provided with the opportunity to review the changes to the existing permit and asked to provide feedback on the proposed scope of the studies for the amendment under consideration by Fraser Surrey Docks LP (FSD).

FSD considered community and stakeholder input received during the public comment period, along with information provided by technical experts, as part of its consideration to apply for an amendment to the existing permit. Community and stakeholder feedback has been summarized and posted online at

Direct Transfer Coal Facility – Project Update, Waste Discharge Permit

March 19, 2015

For an overview of details regarding our Waste Discharge Permit Application submitted to Metro Vancouver, please click HERE.
For Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Waste Discharge Permit Application, please click HERE.

Direct Transfer Coal Facility – Project Update

March 10, 2015

Fraser Surrey Docks (FSD) has submitted an application for a Waste Discharge Permit (under Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District Sewer Use Bylaw No. 299, 2007, as amended) for the discharge of treated wastewater associated with the proposed Coal Handling Project. Metro Vancouver is collecting comments from the public for the purpose of evaluating FSD application at the following link:

FSD will be compiling questions and feedback and responding to in-scope comments at the end of the comment period. This compilation will be posted in this location online upon completion.

UPDATE: Port Metro Vancouver grants Fraser Surrey Docks Direct Transfer Coal Project Permit

August 21, 2014

Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) media release: HERE

Fraser Surrey Docks (FSD) media release: HERE

Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA)

Please find complete HHRA: HERE
Please find summary HHRA: HERE

Air Quality Assessment (AQA)

Please find complete AQA: HERE
Please find summary AQA: HERE

Updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

For updated FAQ’s please press: HERE

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

November 18th, 2013

EIA Volume 1 – Main Document and Executive Summary
EIA Volume 2 – Appendices I to VII
EIA Volume 3 – Appendices VIII to IX
EIA Volume 4 – Engineer Drawings

Fraser Surrey Docks Direct Transfer Coal Facility: Update

Learn more about the Direct Transfer Coal Facility: Public Open House Discussion Guide: here.

Phase 1 Community Engagement Summary: here.

Phase 2 Engagement Summary Report: here.

Fraser Surrey Docks Sustainability Policy: here.

General Marine Route: here.

Marine Risk Assessment: here.

Coal Transfer Facility Fire Safety Plan: here.

Preliminary Environmental Management Plan: here.

Air Dispersion Modelling Assessment: here.

Environmental Policy Statement : here.

Spill Response Plan: here.

Discussion of Potential Toxicity of Unburned Coal: here.

Direct Transfer Coal Facility Project Application: here.

Community Update- sent September 2012: here.

To learn more about Fraser Surrey Docks’ Direct Transfer Coal Facility, check out our featured article in Business in Surrey: here.

Direct Transfer Coal Facility Layout: here.

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