Port Metro Vancouver

Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) is responsible for the operation and development of the assets and jurisdictions of the combined former Fraser River Port Authority, North Fraser Port Authority and Vancouver Port Authority.

As the most diversified port in North America, Port Metro Vancouver operates across five business sectors: automobiles, breakbulk, bulk, container and cruise. The Port facilitates trade with more than 130 world economies, and handles nearly 130 million tones of cargo each year. Almost 95 percent of the Port’s total volume serves Canadian import and export markets.

The Port Metro Vancouver is committed to the efficient and reliable movement of goods and passengers through the port while integrating environmental, social and economic sustainability initiatives into all areas of port operations. By strengthening the PMV’s partnerships and encouraging innovation, the PMV improves the port’s performance in a sustainable way.

Port Metro Vancouver
100 The Pointe
999 Canada Place
British Columbia
V6C 3T4
Phone : (604) 665-9000
Fax : 1-866-284-4271
E-mail: info@portmetrovancouver.com