Safety vests must be worn by all workers and visitors when on foot anywhere within the site. This includes walking to and from place of work within the site or standing outside dock equipment.

Work Boots

Work boots must be worn by any worker standing or working within a materials handling or maintenance area. Work boots are not required when walking to or from place of work within the site as long as the worker uses safety walkways. Furthermore boots are not required in the cabs of equipment nor inside office buildings.

Container Truck Gate Rules

  • Drive slowly. Max. 30 K.P.H. Follow indicated route.
  • Drive DEAD SLOW 5 K.P.H. while entering and exiting the canopy.
  • If you have a problem, STAY in your vehicle and turn on your emergency flashers. A mobile yard foreman will come and assist you. Under no circumstances do you get out of your truck.
  • Watch for pedestrians. Do not park on Safety Walkways.
  • Obey STOP signs.
  • Unloading: Ensure that the container is unlocked from your chassis, or unlashed from your flat deck before you enter the Yard.
  • While in the Container Yard STAY IN YOUR TRUCK.
  • Display an Identity Number when you reach your assigned block
  • Listen for instructions from the machine driver. He/she may ask you to move forwards or backwards.
  • Do not move until you see that the machine has released from the container, or it has lifted the container clear of your truck.
  • Do not lock your container to the chassis or flat deck until you have left the container yard. Stay in your designated lane. Use the overtaking lane only to pass the parked vehicle ahead of you and when exiting the yard. Single lane pick-up and drop off, No Double Parking at any time in any Lane.
  • No U-Turns or cutting through blocks in the yard under any circumstances. A FSD employee will direct you if necessary.
  • Steel Toed Boots and Hi-Viz Vests are mandatory when on the Terminal.
  • No arguing with gate personnel or using profanity. Cell phone usage: calls are prohibited while inside the processing booth, or while driving on FSD property. Calls will be permitted providing the truck is not in motion.
  • Terminal Safety Rules and Procedures are available at the Gatehouse.
  • Failure to comply with the above rules will result in an immediate 24 hour suspension with longer suspensions to repeat offenders.

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