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UPDATE: Port Metro Vancouver grants Fraser Surrey Docks Direct Transfer Coal Project Permit

August 21, 2014

Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) media release: HERE

Fraser Surrey Docks (FSD) media release: HERE

Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA)

Please find complete HHRA: HERE
Please find summary HHRA: HERE

Air Quality Assessment (AQA)

Please find complete AQA: HERE
Please find summary AQA: HERE

Updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

For updated FAQ’s please press: HERE

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

November 18th, 2013

EIA Volume 1 – Main Document and Executive Summary
EIA Volume 2 – Appendices I to VII
EIA Volume 3 – Appendices VIII to IX
EIA Volume 4 – Engineer Drawings

Fraser Surrey Docks Makes A Donation To The Surrey Food Bank

On Friday January 24th, 2014, Fraser Surrey Docks’ personnel presented a cheque to the Surrey Food Bank for $15,000.00. Feezah Jaffer and Tim Baille accepted the cheque on behalf of the Surrey Food Bank. Representing Fraser Surrey Docks management and unionized staff were:

Jeff Scott, President & CEO, Fraser Surrey Docks LP

Shaun Felton, ILWU Local 514

Eugene Gerard, ILWU Local 502

Barb Martin, ILWU Local 517

Melissa Tocheri, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO, Fraser Surrey Docks LP

Lindsay Thorley, Organization Admin. Maintenance, Fraser Surrey Docks LP

This donation for the Holiday Food Drive was made possible through the joint efforts of everyone at Fraser Surrey Docks, including those working in the office, on the dock and on the vessels during the month of December, 2013. These funds will be used to generate in excess of $45,000 worth of goods to be used by low-income individuals and families in need who live in Surrey and North Delta by providing bi-weekly food hampers to supplement their food needs.

Fraser Surrey Docks’ employees have been involved with this initiative for many years during the Holiday Season and are proud to continue to support this worthy cause.

For more information about the Surrey Food Bank, please visit:

food bank group shot jan2.2014
From left to right is as follows: Tim Baille, Lindsay Thorley, Shaun Felton, Feezah Jaffer, Eugene Gerard, Barb Martin, Jeff Scott, Melissa Tocheri

Strathcona Food Security For Children Program

Jan. 3rd, 2014

During the 2013 Holiday Season, Fraser Surrey Docks sponsored a Christmas tree on display at Canada Place in conjunction with Port Metro Vancouver for the “Strathcona Food Security For Children Program” (an essential program that aims to prevent hunger and malnutrition for children in the Downtown Eastside ). By partnering with Christmas at Canada Place, Fraser Surrey Docks helped contribute to important efforts in raising awareness and funds for children in need. Since 2004 this program has raised over $ 235,000.

Movember Update

Dec. 17th, 2013

This year, brave and selfless Mo Bros and Mo Sistas from FSD came together united by their commitment to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. We devoted 30 days to fine and not so fine moustachery and raised $3080 to mens health. As well, FSD will match that to bring the donation to $6160. Thanks to all those that donated, and a big thanks for our team who braved the month in remarkable fashion.


Fraser Surrey Docks Holiday Food Drive

November 20th, 2013

The employees at Fraser Surrey Docks are holding another food drive this Holiday Season from November 20th to December 16th to benefit the Surrey Food Bank.

The Surrey Food Bank is a non-profit organization committed to “helping people help themselves.” Since 1983, the Surrey Food Bank has been assisting low-income individuals and families who live in Surrey and North Delta by providing bi-weekly food hampers to supplement their food needs. Sometimes people will rely on the Surrey Food Bank when faced with an unfortunate setback or crisis in their lives, the Surrey Food Bank helps those in need of a temporary food “bridge” to get them through their crisis. The Surrey Food Bank touches many people’s lives in the Surrey and North Delta areas and is a critical component of our community structure and well-being.

Fraser Surrey Docks employees have been involved with this initiative for many years during the Holiday Season and are proud to continue to support this worthy cause.

For more information about the Surrey Food Bank, please visit:


November 6th, 2013

Cmmunity Outreach Image
On Wednesday November 6,2013 Fraser Surrey Docks participated in this nationwide event and welcomed employees and customers to bring their children to work. The focus was about how work fits into the family and community life balance and what jobs and opportunities are in the port and marine industry. Fraser Surrey Docks provided the students with an opportunity to review company operations as a group before spending the remainder of the day with their parents. This provided a more fulsome perspective looking at safety, marketing, operations and maintenance. The setting provided some great interaction with a wide variety of staff and provided opportunity for the students to dialogue with one another. We understand the new format was well received.

Students from several schools within the Lower Mainland were involved with learning about :
- Safe working practices ( a full Health and Safety orientation was presented )
- Awareness of the power of heavy machinery( view the full operation of a vessel`s cranes and the movement of cargo from a ship to a truck )
- Fellow worker responsibilities ( tour of a heavy machinery maintenance shop )
- Understanding how consumer products such as electronic equipment that they own at home comes into their possession (due to the movement of cargo on a global maritime perspective)
- The global market reach and procurement practices of a major marine terminal in Canada’s largest port

In attendance were:
• Devin Ogg (Alex Ogg)
• Dean Cusick (Nicole Cusick)
• Glen Doduck (Alexa Doduck)
• Marc Felton (Matthew Felton)
• David Keeling (Tyler Keeling)
• Don Kask (Luci Kask)
• Brian Mowbray (Calum Mowbray)
• Jeff Scott (Nicholas Scott)
• Leonard Cox (Michaela Cox)
• Wayne Honey ( Kelsey Honeyman )
And a few others including customer Bob Minato ( Sean ) and Leo Landry ( Oliver )
We were pleased to welcome all of the students into our FSD family for the day. We believe this collaborative approach will provide for a positive foundation as they continue to build our future.

For more information on our Take a Student to Work Program and Curriculum Ideas please e-mail us at

FSD Movember

November 1st, 2013

Fraser Surrey Docks (FSD) is excited to have 100% involvement from all moustache growing managers to help support increasing awareness and raising funds for men’s health. Further, FSD will be matching all donations made for this worthwhile cause. We will be sharing pictures along the way through our team page and online, so please check back. Should you wish to join our team, or support our efforts, please visit online at

Fraser Surrey Docks Direct Transfer Coal Facility: Update

Learn more about the Direct Transfer Coal Facility: Public Open House Discussion Guide: here.

Phase 1 Community Engagement Summary: here.

Phase 2 Engagement Summary Report: here.

Fraser Surrey Docks Sustainability Policy: here.

General Marine Route: here.

Marine Risk Assessment: here.

Coal Transfer Facility Fire Safety Plan: here.

Preliminary Environmental Management Plan: here.

Air Dispersion Modelling Assessment: here.

Environmental Policy Statement : here.

Spill Response Plan: here.

Discussion of Potential Toxicity of Unburned Coal: here.

Direct Transfer Coal Facility Project Application: here.

Community Update- sent September 2012: here.

To learn more about Fraser Surrey Docks’ Direct Transfer Coal Facility, check out our featured article in Business in Surrey: here.

Direct Transfer Coal Facility Layout: here.

If you have a specific question you would like answered, please contact at 604-582-2244 or

Watch our Coal Alliance videos here:


Raising Funds For The Gaby Davis Foundation – Fraser Surrey Docks Provides Support

August 30th, 2013

Fraser Surrey Docks recently competed in the Steel Industry Baseball Tournament held at the Cloverdale Athletic Park- Aug 10-11, 2013 . While a tournament does bring out the competitive nature in people , the main objective of this tournament is to raise awareness and funds for the Gaby Davis Foundation

The foundation was set up to offer support and assistance to children battling cancer and the huge financial and emotional burden that they and their families endure. The two day event raised over $ 4,100 for this worthwhile cause and has raised more than $100,000 over the years, since it was started in 1992.

The Fraser Surrey Docks team was lead by Mike McLeod, Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing who has been a champion for the cause since the beginning. A special thanks to the FSD team members for their commitment and dedication. Every effort counts when supporting such a worthy cause, and the team is already looking forward to next year.

Fraser Surrey Docks joins Green Marine

March 25th, 2013

Fraser Surrey Docks is pleased to announce that it is a member of Green Marine! Click here for more details. Or, visit Green Marine’s website at: Fraser Surrey Docks would like to officially announce its membership in the Green Marine Program. Please find our press release here!

Letter to Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

February 14 , 2013

Robin Silvester

President & Chief Executive Officer

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

100 The Pointe, 999 Canada Place

Vancouver, BC

V6C 3T4

Dear Mr. Silvester,

We are writing today to express our strong support for BC’s coal industry and the jobs and economic activity created throughout Canada by the coal supply chain. We also want to address misinformation being spread by some organizations regarding the safe handling of coal, the use of coal as a global commodity, and the consultation process for coal projects.

We wish to begin by noting that the coal industry has been part of the economic heart of communities throughout our province for over 100 years. The coal supply chain – from mining town to port city – creates high paying job opportunities for families in a number of B.C. communities. In fact, the industry creates over 26,000 B.C. jobs in mining, transport, equipment and other related sectors, and generates over $5 billion in economic activity each year, including about $400 million in revenues that go to support critical public services such as health care and education. Restricting or delaying the development of the coal supply chain will result in the loss of a livelihood for a significant number of families in British Columbia and impact the government’s ability to deliver public services.

It is important to note that coal is inert and not toxic.  It is not classed as a dangerous or hazardous material by Transport Canada, and it is not on the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s (IARC) list of carcinogenic agents or possibly carcinogenic to humans. Furthermore, Canada’s mining industry operates under strict environmental and safety regulations that are among the highest in the world.  Every precaution is taken to ensure the health and safety of the communities where mines are located and in communities along the rail lines. They have been safely transporting and handling coal for decades and will continue to uphold the highest environmental and community standards.

All of the region’s terminals have extensive dust suppression systems, monitoring and investigation programs.  Any concerns from residents are fully investigated to ensure that coal remains on the terminal sites. In addition, air and water discharges from terminals are regulated and controlled by permit. B.C. rail carriers have also implemented dust mitigation programs designed to address dust releases from rail cars in transit.

Coal is an important commodity for producing steel and energy globally.  Steelmaking coal is vital to everyday life around the world – it’s used to produce everything from the steel in automobiles and rapid transit vehicles to household appliances to living accommodations and business infrastructure.  Steel also plays a critical role in green energy production. For example, about 100 tonnes of steelmaking coal is required to produce the 185 tonnes of steel used in a typical wind turbine.

Worldwide, the use of coal as an energy source remains crucial to the economies of many developed and developing countries.  Almost half of the world’s population relies on coal for energy.  It allows a growing world population to access electricity which is shown to greatly improve the quality of life both economically and health wise. Without coal as part of the energy mix, millions of people will needlessly remain in poverty.

Businesses in the mining and transportation sectors operating in B.C. also recognize their responsibility to consult with the public on proposed projects such as those under review by the Port. You have a rigorous regulatory process that all proposed projects must follow, and public consultation is an essential part of that process.

In conclusion, we want to ensure that the Port is aware that there is strong support for the important role of B.C.’s coal industry in our economy and that you have the facts on coal, its safety and the important economic benefits the industry provides to all British Columbians.


British Columbia’s Coal Industry and Supporters

Fraser Surrey Docks Endorses Premier Clark’s Commitment to Replacing the George Massey Tunnel

September 28, 2012

Surrey, British Columbia: Fraser Surrey Docks (FSD) applauds the BC Government’s announcement to plan for the replacement of the George Massey Tunnel within the next ten years. The announcement is tremendous news for Fraser Surrey Docks and Port Metro Vancouver, who rely on efficient infrastructure for the import and export of Canadian products.

Fraser Surrey Docks is Surrey’s only marine terminal and an integral part of British Columbia’s Asia Pacific Gateway. Sufficient draft in the Fraser River is critical to the port’s ability to service the world’s increasing fleet of larger vessels. The draft of the Fraser River is limited by the George Massey Tunnel and the announcement by the BC Government will help ensure the long-term viability of Fraser Surrey Docks, the creation of jobs and maintain capacity to move Canadian goods through Canadian ports.

“Premier Christy Clark’s announcement to replace the George Massey Tunnel is great news for the hundreds of people who are employed at Fraser Surrey Docks.”, says Jeff Scott, President and CEO. “This announcement displays the government’s ongoing commitment to creating a strong environment for economic growth,” continued Scott.

“FSD plays a pivotal role in the local economy and we’re thrilled to see the government’s support for the businesses and people on the Fraser River, the City of Surrey and Delta. We look forward to working with the BC Government, Port Metro Vancouver and various stakeholders to ensure that the Fraser River remains an essential component of the Asia Pacific Gateway,” continued Scott.

Fraser Surrey Docks is a modern multi-purpose marine terminal that has been serving the needs of our customers for 50 years. The facility is located on the Fraser River in Surrey, British Columbia. It is the largest facility of its kind on the west coast of North America.

For more information:

Brittany Auvinen, Public Affairs

Fraser Surrey Docks